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Summer Concert 2023
The Mill Theatre, Dundrum


2:00pm - Concert Performers List
(list subject to changes)

Booterstown National School Choir

Ella Marie Cullen - "17"

Roy Cheng - Dream Wedding

Aili Eakin - Princess Waltz

Tara McDonnell - The Pink Panther

Caoilfhionn Denn - Fireflies

Suzie Everitt-Penhale - Betty & Bill

Alex Murphy - Twinkle, Twinkle

Sylvia Kavanagh - Trombone Player

Rose Morrow - Tisket for Tasket

Hayley Howard - Fish Cakes & Apple Pie

Imogen Kavanagh - The Juggler

Reece Howard - Fanfare

Liam Morrow - Let it Be

Sean Linehan - Malaguena

Connell & Hugo O’Kelly - Love Again

Children's World of Music Group (Gwendoline's 5-6 year old group)


   Jason Cheng

   Iza Gorsuch

   Beau Lyons Lowney

   Dante Macari Magana

   Ciaran Nugent

   Rían Murphy

   Osmond Li

   Tom Asher

Alanna Cronin - Moonlight Sonata OR Sunny Day

Laoise Randles - Rocking

Martha Power - Fur Elise

Tadhg O’Driscoll - Shotgun

Milan Olivier - Your Reality

Isabelle Cronin - Prelude in C major

Ailbhe Lawlor - Edelweiss

Ksenia Kirichenko - Swan Lake

Yi Ming You - Beauty & The Beast

Kate McNamara - A Million Dreams

Jason Cullen - Moonlight Sonata

Katie Cronin - Sonata in G

Alex Thompson - Purple Haze

Maeve Brady - Pointless

Austin Choo - Rondo a la Turk

Emmie Fitzgerald - Amelie

Booterstown National School Choir

4:30pm - Concert Performers List
(list subject to changes)

Riley Cox - Rolling in the Deep

Diarmuid Byrne - Comptine

Aiden Ren - River Flows in You

Eirinn Mooney - Rhythm on E and 1

JK Kavanagh - The Kings Castle

Paul Cojocariu - Halftime Show

Kate Wang - Waterfall

James White - Yankee Doodle

Oisin Hughes - James Bond Theme

Denzel Renni - Gypsy Fiddler

Jordan Bhanot - Vivace

Aisling Byrne - Corncake

Vedant Trivedi - Bugle Call

Hazel Noonan - Afternoon Blues

Eadbhard Blaney - Isn't She Lovely

Zoe Ramati - Fly me to the Moon

Ethan Smith - Love Again

Ciaran Roche - Tango Memories

Ethan Manu - An Indian Piece

Delia Gibney - Vivace

Conor Byrne - Voi Chapete

Arthur Gibney - Sonatina

Charlie, Tom, Eva Casey - Shotgun

Juno Cleary-Kennedy - Fireflies

Grace Brooks - Boogie Bug

Amelia White - Ecossaise

Ethan Regan - Fistfull of Pesos

Daryll Renni - The Enchanted Piano

Mike Wang - Who's There?

Aoife Hill - Shotgun

Dusan Waters - Tarantella

Ailbhe Jackson - Wind in the Willows

 Children's World of Music Group (Paula's 5-6 & 6-7 year old groups)


   Matilda Martin

   Eydie Kavanagh

   Matilda Dinniss

   Ollie Cush

   Twyla Jinnett

   Luka O'Sullivan

   Austin Gu

   Colm Barrett

   Elizabeth Cush

   Colm Byrne

* Disclaimer - Please note that photos and videos are permitted during the concert. If you do not agree with this, you are free to change your mind and remove your child from our list of performers.

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