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Please Note:

Please see our fee structure table below.

Please ensure that payments are made on time and by the dates given.

If paying by instalments, the payments are due on a monthly basis and will come out of your account automatically.

Alternatively you can pay by Bank Transfer using the following bank details -

Bank of Ireland, Dun Laoghaire

IBAN: IE22BOFI90111637643587

FEE STRUCTURE - All Students Grade 6 and above are recommended to take 45 minute lessons. 
Students have the option to pay the term fee in full or in 3 instalments.

Prices are per term and there are 2 terms a year. There are 18 lessons per term.




Individual 30 minute lessons    =          €540

Individual 45 minute lessons    =          €775

Individual 60 minute lessons    =          €1,020



Individual 30 minute lessons    =          €600

Individual 45 minute lessons    =          €840

Individual 60 minute lessons    =          €1,050



Children’s World of Music - (45 minutes classes)

3 – 4 years      €270

5 – 6 years      €290

6 - 7 years       €290


Fees must be paid prior to commencement of your class. You will not be admitted to class if fees are not paid. Students who have not paid their fees on time could have their classes suspended and may have to forfeit their place. 


5% discount applies to second and subsequent classes taken within the same term by 
a) members of same family
b) any one student.

The school reserves the right to cancel any course or group lesson because of insufficient enrolment. In such an event all fees will be refunded.

Attendance Policy
Payment must be made for all classes, whether taken or missed. Classes will not be made up in the case of student absence. As a courtesy to the teacher, we ask that the school of music be notified before class time if a student is to be absent . If the teacher is unable to give a class, the school will endeavour to organise a substitute teacher. If this is not possible, a make-up lesson will be arranged.

Dun Laoghaire School of Music reserves the right to discontinue the enrolment of any student who misses three consecutive lessons without notification, who has a pattern of absence or who is constantly late or misbehaves in the school.

No refunds are given

* PLEASE NOTE:  By booking lessons with us, you agree to Dun Laoghaire School of Music's Terms & Conditions

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