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 Term 1 & 2 - 2022/2023 

Term 1 - Wednesday 31st August 2022 to Saturday 21st January 2023
Term 2 - Monday 23rd January 2023 to Monday 26th June 2023

Each term consists of 18 lessons.


If you are renewing a place for yourself or your child for the next term, you MUST inform us of this and pay in full or the first instalment in order to secure your place and time slot. Please DO NOT ASSUME that your place is safe for the next term or that you will have the same time slot as before if you do not inform us of your renewal.

 Holiday Dates  

October Mid-Term:      Mon 31st October 2022– Sat 5th November 2022(dates inclusive)
Christmas Holidays:    Wed 21st December 2022 – Sat 31st December 2022 (dates inclusive) - Classes Resume Monday 2nd Jan 2023
Spring Mid-Term:          Monday 13th February 2023 - Saturday 18th February 2023 (dates inclusive)
St. Patrick's Day:          Friday 17th March 2023
Easter Holidays:           Friday 7th April 2023 - Thursday 13th April 2023 (dates inclusive) - Classes Resume Friday 14th April 2023
Bank Holidays:             Monday 6th February 2023, Monday 1st May 2023 & Monday 5th June 2023

 Term End Dates   (some dates may differ if classes are owed to students etc.)


Monday Students:      Last day of lessons is 26th June 2023

Tuesday Students:      Last day of lessons is 6th June 2023

Wednesday Students:  Last day of lessons is 7th June 2023

Thursday Students:  Last day of lessons is 8th June 2023

Friday Students:        Last day of lessons is 16th June 2023

Saturday Students:   Last day of lessons is 10th June 2023

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